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Reign for Reign: Flair vs. Cena

I've had this idea for a while but feel it's very fitting to do now. John Cena has just become a 15 time World champion and is close to the legendary record of Ric Flair's 16 time. According to wikipedia, which is always trustworthy, it claims Flair is a 26 time World champ I worked it out as 20 (22 if you include the WCW international title which I like to as that's the only World title the late Rick Rude got to hold but I won't). My idea is to compare each reign with each other now for the benefits of this I will only be looking at the “official” records but even that has Flair as a 17 time champ. Will not go into great details but will try to show some highlights of that reign for the benefit of time.

Reign 1
Flair: Defeated Dusty Rhodes 17/9/81-Lost to Harley Race 10/6/83 (476 days)
As odd as this sounds this is the forgotten reign to many. Flair would be established from his 2nd reign on as it happened at the first big show that was Starrcade. The controversial reigns began right from the beginning as Ric would lose the belt to Jack Veneno on 29/8/82 in a decision that was to stop a riot from breaking out, the belt was returned the same day. Flair also lost the title for 17 days to Carlos Colon on 6/1/83 which is sometimes recognised but sometimes not.
Cena: Defeated JBL 27/6/05-Lost to Edge 8/1/06 (280 days)
I think many would agree that Cena's first reign was the right move, he had really gotten over and become a star. The match at Mania 21 was bad but they recovered in a excellent I Quit match at Judgement Day. Cena would be moved to Raw and that's when the now infamous “Cena sucks” started as his weaknesses were exposed on the live show. Outside that he had a good run with Jericho and Angle on PPV's until he became a victim of the first ever cash in.
Reign 2
Flair: Defeated Harley Race 24/11/83-Lost to Kerry Von Erich 6/5/84 (118 days)
The build up for the match with Race was really the making of Flair as a top champion. Sadly timing was not on Ric's side. Flair would lose it to Race again in New Zealand for 2 days in March and then lose it to Kerry in May. Now many feel it was David Von Erich's reign but he sadly pasted away and some feel the late Fritz used that to get Kerry the title on the David Memoriam show.
Cena: Defeated Edge 29/1/06-Lost to Rob Van Dam 11/6/06 (133 days)
Ending Edge's reign far too early, I think they should have done it at Mania with Cena winning the rumble. He would have a program with Triple H at Mania instead, which was rushed. This reign is mostly remembered for how it ended, this was the infamous One Night Stand title match with just a insane crowd and Cena playing a great heel that night.
Reign 3
Flair: Defeated Kerry Von Erich 24/5/84-Dusty Rhodes 26/7/86 (763 days)
Proving Kerry wasn't ready the belt it came back to Flair less than a month after losing. This ended up being Flair's longest reign as champion during which time he was married to Dusty Rhodes. The 2 main evented 2 back to back Starrcade events and the rivalry is legendary. Dusty would finally win it at the Great American Bash in a steel cage match.
Cena: Defeated Edge 17/9/06-Vacanted due to Injury 2/10/07 (380 days)
Much like Flair Cena's 3rd reign would end up being his longest and I would argue best. Winning the title in a great TLC match at Unforgiven he would go on to have great matches with Umaga, Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton. As well as having several multi man matches and pulling decent showings from the Great Khali & Bobby Lashley. Mr Kennedy would injury Cena ending the reign but at the time he likely would have lost it to Orton at the No Mercy show anyways.
Reign 4
Flair: Defeated Dusty Rhodes 9/8/86-Lost to Ron Garvin 25/9/87 (412 days)
Dusty didn't get long with the belt until it was back around Flair's waist. This run should have been shorter, at Starrcade 86 Magnum TA was meant to challenge Flair and was rumoured to be winning the title. Sadly he got into a car accident that ended his career so instead Nikita Koloff took that spot and failed to take the belt. One thing I've not mentioned is that during these reigns as NWA champ Flair would be travelling endlessly and working non-stop he was a true world champ and because of that details of specifics can be hard to come across. Regardless he'd lose the title to Garvin in a odd choice but it was the company trying to make a new star.
Cena: Defeated Chris Jericho 23/11/08-Lost to Edge 15/2/09 (84 days)
This was Cena's first reign as World champion and it was his return from injury to a bad reaction in his home town no less. This is a pet peeve of mine the returning star getting the big title straight away. This run was also not that good, his 2 matches with Jericho were so-so and the JBL match at the Rumble had everyone focused on HBK outside rather than the 2 in the ring. This reign is only really notable for Edge who lost the WWE title at Elimination chamber and then stole Kofi Kingston's spot to win the World title at the end of the night being the only man to do 2 Elimination Chamber matches on the same night.
Reign 5
Flair: Defeated Ron Garvin 26/11/87-Lost to Ricky Steamboat 20/2/89 (452 days)
One of Flair's best reigns he produced some of his greatest matches during it. Winning the title back at Starrcade 87 he would go on to have some star making matches with Sting at the first Clash of Champions and then onto Lex Luger at Starrcade 88. His loss to Steamboat was the first of their now legendary trilogy in 89.
Cena: Defeated Edge 5/4/09-Lost to Edge 26/4/09 (21 days)
Pretty meaningless. Cena won it at Mania for the babyface win but lost it right back less than a month later in a pretty good Last Man Standing match.
Reign 6
Flair: Defeated Ricky Steamboat 7/5/89-Lost to Sting 7/7/90 (426 days)
The trilogy ended and Flair moved right on to Terry Funk, that would end in a real good I Quit match. Flair's reign would run back into Lex Luger while Sting was out with a knee injury. Flair got the best out of Luger a feat very few could. Sting was ultimately the end goal here and he would finally get his big win and the title at the Great American Bash.
Cena: Defeated Randy Orton 13/9/09-Lost to Orton 4/10/09 (21 days)
Back to the WWE title and a feud that had already been done to death. It was during this time that WWE loved these 2 together but they really didn't produce the best matches. Again rather meaningless reign.
Reign 7
Flair: Defeated Sting 11/1/91-Vacanted when he left for WWF 8/9/91(181 days)
Now this reign has a lot of questions around it. First there was the fact Flair had lost to Tatsumi Fujinami on 21/3/91 in New Japan and it's said that he regained in on 19/5/91 however this much like Colon is sometimes recognised and sometimes not. This reign is also seen as the birth of the WCW World title. Why I don't know because Flair would leave for the WWF and the title went vacant so you could start the history of that title with Luger but I don't think people want that.
Cena: Defeated Randy Orton 25/10/09-Lost to Sheamus 13/12/09 (49 days)
Talk about overkill. Cena won the title in a 60 minute iron man No DQ falls count anywhere match which had a huge amount of falls. This was followed by a pretty nothing triple threat with DX and then the tables match where Cena threw himself through a table to give Sheamus the title.
Reign 8
Flair: Won the Royal Rumble for vacant title 19/1/92-Lost to Randy Savage 5/4/92 (77 days)
A very quick raise in WWE for one Ric Flair. What is arguably the best Rumble in history saw Flair put on one of the best performances to claim the title. Immediately moved onto a feud with Savage over Elizabeth may not have been the best story but produced a great match in the end. Flair was meant to work Hogan at Mania that year but after testing it on house shows it was decided to go with Savage.
Cena: Defeated Sheamus 21/2/10-Lost to Batista 21/2/10 (About 5 minutes)
I can't count this reign. This was the Elimination Chamber and Vince McMahon just gave Batista a title match straight after. If you wanted to do that why not add Batista into the match, have Cena destroyed during it and then Batista takes the easy win coming in last. This made no sense.
Reign 9
Flair: Defeated Randy Savage 1/9/92-Lost to Bret Hart 12/10/92 (41 days)
A pretty nothing reign here only done so that Bret could get the belt beating a heel. Both changes were just thrown out on TV as well which was rare for 92.
Cena: Defeated Batista 28/3/10-Lost to Sheamus 20/6/10 (84 days)
A ton of Cena/Batista matches ranged from Last Man standing to I Quit, many with goofy finishes. While you can give credit to WWE trying to give Sheamus another shot the way they did it was wrong, the Nexus was the focus at Fatal 4 Way and you completely forgot that Sheamus had pinned Cena in that match.
Reign 10
Flair: Defeated Barry Windham 18/7/93-Vacanted 13/9/93 (57 days)
Flair's final reign as NWA champion before the NWA and WCW would go their separate ways as he returned to WCW just a little over a year after leaving. This run would go on under the new title of WCW International title but like I said not counting them here. All I remember from this run was that the Windham match was really underwhelming for how good they were.
Cena: Defeated Miz 1/5/11-Lost to CM Punk 17/7/11 (77 days)
One of the times many were happy to see Cena with the title was ending the Miz's reign. Cena would then have to take on Miz again for a few months and even main evented with R-Truth! The lose to Punk at Money in the Bank is one of the highlights of recent years coming off the infamous pipe bomb promo weeks before and it being Punk's “last match”. The match itself was fantastic and is still one of my personal favourites.
Reign 11
Flair: Defeated Vader 27/12/93-Vacanted after double pin with Steamboat 17/4/94 (111 days)
The first official run as WCW champion for Flair. The match with Vader at Starrcade 93 came in at no.1 in WWE's essential Starrcade collection and it's hard to argue it. A great emotional match. The duo would have a rematch at Superbrawl and then Ric would go to a draw with Steamboat. I often hate how these double pins lead to vacanted titles, surely in a draw the champ should retain.
Cena: Defeated Rey Mysterio 25/7/11-Lost to CM Punk 14/8/11 (20 days)
Another reign I don't count. During this time Punk was still WWE champion and reappeared just a week after leaving meaning he was still the champ and Cena wasn't in many people's views. The fact Punk won again 20 days after at Summerslam makes my point. But granted the match between Mysterio & Cena gets lots of love from that Raw.
Reign 12
Flair: Defeated Ricky Steamboat 21/4/94-Lost to Hulk Hogan 17/7/94 (87 days)
A decision match gave Flair the title back and he'd go on to defeat Barry Windham at Slamboree. The international title would reach it's end during this reign as Flair would defeat Sting on a Clash of Champions to Unify them just in time for Hogan to come in and be the man in his debut.
Cena: Defeated Alberto Del Rio 18/9/11-Lost to Alberto Del Rio 2/10/11 (14 days)
I'm getting tired of typing pointless reign. For the matter of 14 days just let Del Rio keep the damn thing especially since Punk was winning it a matter of weeks after that.
Reign 13
Flair: Defeated Randy Savage 26/11/95-Lost to Randy Savage 22/1/96 (26 days)
No point in the reign really. Much like WCW in 94 onwards they took things that worked in WWE and just put it on their show. The good thing is I loved watching Flair & Savage work together.
Cena: Defeated The Rock 7/4/13-Lost to Daniel Bryan 18/8/13 (133 days)
The first time Cena entered triple digits since his 3rd reign. Sadly Cena was lumped with Ryback for 2 months and the Mark Henry, which wasn't bad as it had the great retirement angle and the 2 did decent. It was the lose to Daniel Bryan where he shined as it was a great match and losing clean to Bryan could have made him if they didn't ruin it with the cash in and dumb booking after.
Reign 14
Flair: Defeated Randy Savage 11/2/96-Lost to the Giant 22/4/96 (71 days)
The Giant was less than a year into his career and he was beating Ric Flair for the World title, on Nitro but still it's a win. Flair was playing a crazy person obsessed with Savage at the time and I guess they just wanted the Giant/Hogan program to have the title. I don't know WCW was weird in 96.
Cena: Defeated Alberto Del Rio 27/10/13-Lost to Randy Orton 15/12/13 (49 days)
Back to the World title and back to winning the title when coming back from injury. This pretty much killed Del Rio but honestly he was long gone before Cena beat him. This reign is historic or will be as it's the last World title run before the titles were unified.
Reign 15
Flair: Defeated Hulk Hogan 14/3/99-Lost to Diamond Dallas Page 11/4/99 (28 days)
Just a random month reign which is mostly remembered for the crazy match where he won it. It was a barbed wire steel cage first blood match where Flair was bleeding before Hogan and then won by pinfall during the figure 4. A 4 way with Hogan & Sting at Spring Stampede saw DDP win the title pinning Flair after special ref Randy Savage dropped a top rope elbow, nothing was simple in 99.
Cena: Won a Money in the Bank for vacant title 29/6/14-Ongoing
Many didn't like it but it made the most sense for him to win the title. Now while this is ongoing it's rumoured that Brock is going to win the title at Summerslam making this just another random reign for Cena.
Reign 16 & 17
Flair: Defeated Jeff Jarrett 15/5/00-Stripped by Vince Russo 22/5/00, awarded by Kevin Nash 23/5/00-Lost to Jeff Jarrett 23/5/00
Oh WCW 2000 how stupid and bad you were. Just reading this should highlight how bad it was and that was just one week! It was a final hurray for Flair but it just felt wrong. This was also after David Arquette so that belt meant nothing.

Final Thoughts
Both have had pretty pointless reigns and both have had some of the best in that titles history. Whether your a Cena fan or not he's synonymous with the WWE title now, even having the thing redesigned and that sticking for 8 years! Cena's reign are easier to look back on while Flair's has a lot of footage missing or is just too hard to find unless you are hardcore historian which I'm no where near. When looking at the 2 it became clear to me the big difference was length and the trust of putting the title on Flair and letting him run with it. Cena's the man in WWE but to me it would speak higher if they had let him had fewer longer runs than the number he's had, just look at the runs which lasted less than 3 months he's had more of those than lengthy reigns. In comparison look at CM Punk's reign that lasted 434 days and how meaningful it ended up, granted that was partly because of Punk but that was one reign that left a mark. Some of Cena's reigns are such a blur I'm sure some people aren't even aware they happened. By the way this isn't meant to be endless shots at Cena but honestly it gives me piece of mind by comparing the 2 as I don't want Flair's record broken by anyone, this way I have the comfort of if it is broken I don't think it'd be as meaningful as Flair had better reigns for the most part at least in my view.

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NXT December 18th Review: The American Wolves aka the 200th

I took the week off last week as was very ill and couldn't handle that show, reading the results and hearing a review it sounded just dreadful. Anyways this is the 200
Show opens with Triple H coming out to address the crowd. He appreciates the chant for him but he asks the fans to chant for NXT, he says he's here to celebrate the 200th episode. He goes on to say that we've seen some amazing things and talent come through NXT in 200 episodes and runs a number of them down. He promises this will just get better and better, the shows will be something to remember as this is NXT and this is where the future begins. He thanks the fans for their support and say it's their show. He does his “Are you ready” thing and we go to the opening video. Complete babyface promo and no real substance to it, could have done it off air to be honest.
Sami Zayn & Tyson Kidd vs. Leo Kruger & Antonio Cesaro: Tom, Bryon and Tensai on commentary this week a random mix of guys. Mr. Kruger is actually getting a new gimmick I hear, hopefully it's something with an actual character. Leo & Kidd to start, boot by Leo into a headlock and a shoulder block. Float over, leap frog leads to an arm drag by Kidd and tag to Sami Leo also tags Cesaro. Fans chant “Match of the year” with these 2 just standing there, feeling out process leads to overhead hammer lock by Cesaro. Cesaro gets a boot to the gut and some shots, Sami reverses a whip with punches and the 2 fight in the corner trading blows. Sami goes for the 10 punches but gets pushed off getting a tag to Kidd who does a float over Oklahome roll. Kidd attempts a leap frog but Cesaro turns it into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker leading to break. We come back with Leo having control on Kidd, Kidd starts fighting back and gets another Oklahoma roll but runs into a great spinebuster for a 2. Tag to Cesaro who hits a body blow then a European uppercut and a deadlift Gutwrench suplex for a 2. Cesaro grabs a rear chinlock with Kidd trying to fight back but Leo is tagged. Another tag leads to a double back elbow for a 2, fans chant for Sami. Kidd escapes a rear chin lock but eats a clothesline and Cesaro boots Sami then tags Leo. Leo then grabs a rear chin lock, Kidd fights back again but a tag leads to Kidd kicking Cesaro who was attempting a back body drop, low bridging Leo to the outside and ducking a splash in the corner by Cesaro. Leo gets the tag grabs the leg but Kidd rolls through and gets the tag. A series of clotheslines and a leg lariat followed by his double jump cross body for a 2. Sami goes for the Mafia kick but eats a knee, Sami ducks the Slice and gets a Blue Thunder for a 2, Kidd then sends Cesaro to the outside hitting a Suicide Dive Heelio which allows Sami to hit the Mafia kick on Leo for the 3. A very good, heated opening match. No complaints from me. Winners: Sami Zayn & Tyson Kidd
We go backstage with Natayla looking at a screen and Emma coming in dancing, Nattie says she's watching Tyson's match and Emma almost poked her eye out. Emma with an attitude apologises to the big reality star. Nattie comes back saying she was watching a match, Emma says she was just having a little fun and some people have changed, they don't have time for NXT unless their getting a title shot. Nattie says Emma became No.1 contender from dancing. They go off about dancing and wrestling leading into them challenging each other for a match which they agree on. This is the 2nd time they've done something like this with Nattie claiming she's “changed” because of Total Divas and I think something like that works for the Bellas but not Nattie. We then see the main event is Bo Dallas defending the title against Adrian Neville in a Lumberjack match. Then a video for the good Santa vs. bad Santa, that is getting to much time. We then get a NXT moment being the first eipsode highlighting Daniel Bryan facing Chris Jericho in what was a fantastic match. We then get highlights from a meet & greet from earlier in the day.
Sasha Banks w/Summer Rae vs. Paige: When are they going to do Paige vs. Emma? Hasn't Emma been No.1 contender for 6 months now, it feels like forever. Paige grabs Banks who fights back with awful looking slaps, Banks get lifted onto the apron, Rae distracts Paige allowing Banks to slingshot Paige's head off the top rope. Banks with childish stomps in the corner, she then jumps on her back grabbing a chinlock leading to Paige going down. Paige fights back after a couple of minutes but runs into a big chop and Banks attempts a lucha climb up arm drag but Paige just yanks her down. Paige hits a series of short-arm clotheslines followed up by a running dropkick, Rae misses her cue to grab Paige's leg so she has to hover there for a second. Banks runs in to hit a kick but hits Rae by mistake letting Paige hit the Paige turner for the win. This was good but there's just something about Bank's offence that I just don't like. Again Paige vs. Emma, do it now! Winner: Paige
Backstage we see Enzo Amore in a wheel chair as he has a broken leg, him and Cass are talking now with their own t-shirt which says “SAWFT”. They here singing off on the side and there's Aiden English. They say Aiden is funny, he says one day he'll be singing on broadway while they are collecting tickets, Enzo says Cass is a better singer they then argue over “Moi” and they make a singing contest. Random comedy but was pretty good. I then groaned as I saw the Ascensions open challenge was next, I don't want them on my screen! Another NXT moment this one being the move to their current arena.
The Ascension (Conor O'Brian & Rick Victor) vs. The American Pitbulls (John Cahill & Eric Philbin): People say the Ascension have a great entrance, I disagree and it appears the producers agree as their already on the apron by the time we come back. For those who don't know the Pitbulls are actually the American Wolves in Davey Richards (Eric) and Eddie Edwards (John). Eric and Rick start with a tie up and Rick pushes him off but Eric ducks a clothesline. Eric gets a rear waistlock into a arm ringer but Rick comes back with a shoulder block, Eric ducks a clothesline and gets the tag, John comes in with a double axe handle to the arm. Conor gets tagged and hits a short arm shoulder block, blind tag leads to a double Japanese arm drag and a low bridge to Rick to the outside. Eric then runs into a flapjack, tag to Rick who hits a upeercut and in an ugly moment Rick goes for a back suplex and Eric tries to float over but he drops straight down pretty much on his head, that gets a 2 so he must be ok but that was nasty. They then repeat the spot with Eric landing on his feet, Rick grabs the leg though, Eric misses the Enzuigiri but hits a mule kick and gets the tag to John. Punches and back elbows followed by a running low knee that is broken up by Conor who is then low bridged out, Rick then follows and the Pitbulls hit twin suicide dives. 2 count on Rick then a tag to Eric who hits a diving headbutt for a 2, Eric misses a clothesline allowing Rick to hit the running knee, a tag and the Fall of Man for the win. I heard the Wolves were slaughtered in this match but they looked great in my view, probably the only time I've enjoyed an Ascension match and it wasn't because of them. Out come Hunico & Camacho (because that feud just HAS to continue doesn't it?) they do a stare down, John comes in and gets hit by the H-Bomb an the Fall of Man OK that made them look dumb. I don't think anyone cares for those 4 in the title program. Winners: The Ascension
We go backstage were Kofi Kingston is getting interviewed, he's asked how he feels about being in NXT for the first time. He says it's amazing and he's wanted to come here for so long, out comes Lana speaking something Lana then speaks in English and then a match between Kofi and Alexander Rusev is made for next week. Didn't care one bit about this. Next week is NXT Rewind but we also get Regal vs. Cesaro!
Bo Dallas (c) vs. Adrian Neville in a Lumberjack match for the NXT championship: They have Howard Finkel announcing this match, man that guy has a golden voice! Tie up to start and Neville drives Bo back, another tie up with Bo hitting a knee he tries to throw Neville out who hits a handspring back and a leg lariat, Bo tries to escape but gets thrown back in allowing Neville to get a bridging Oklahoma Roll for a 2. Bo hits a shot to the gut and a club to the back. Neville gets thrown out and Tyler Breeze tries to throw him back in, Neville blocks twice and then slaps him which I think is screaming out something for later. Neville ducks a clothesline and gets a arm drag into a arm bar. We go to break with another NXT moment this on being Seth Rollins winning the NXT title to become the first champion. We come back with Bo driving Neville into the corner, whip to the corner leads to Neville getting his boot up Bo drops to his knees and Neville hits several kicks to the chest. Neville misses a kick and is school boyed to the outside where he's thrown back in. Bo hits a series of knee drops for a 2 then grabs a kravate. Fans chant “Bo-ring” during the kravate, I like that. Bo hits a scoop slam but gets hit with a kick to the head when he tries to pick Neville up. Bo hits a kick to the leg and a kick to the head off the ground for a 2 count. Bo hits short-arm back elbows and a short-arm clothesline for a 2. Bo goes for the Bo-dog but he's pushed off and Neville hits a few leg kicks, ducks a clothesline and hits a couple of flying forearms and a sobat kick followed by a low dropkick for a 2. Bo hits a back elbow but runs into a jumping kick then a enzuigiri and standing shooting star for a 2. Neville scoop slams Bo and climbs to the top, Bo goes to escape but the lumberjack swarm him and Neville hits a top rope swanton to the outside, everyone except Tyler Breeze is down. Neville goes for the Red Arrow but Breeze pulls Bo out of the way letting him get the 3 and he retains. An Ok match but wasn't too impressed, I would have liked Bo to hit something after the miss instead of pinning him from a mistake but he's the lucky heel I guess. Winner & still champion: Bo Dallas
No real complaints from me on this show, a very hot opener and while everything else didn't blow me away it didn't suck which is saying a lot when you see the Ascension on the card. I guess we'll be moving forward with Breeze vs. Neville, the awful Ascension vs. Hunico/Camacho and we'll be getting Natayla vs. Emma. We're also getting Regal vs. Cesaro next week which should be great.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

NXT December 4th Review: The Tale of the Random Finish

Last week saw a fantastic match naming Adrian Neville as the no.1 contender and he'll challenge Bo Dallas for the title this week.
Natalya vs. Paige (c) for NXT Women's championship: So the match they teased last week is happening this week. For those who missed it the most random backstage segment set up this match. The 2 stare off before the match even starts but then shake hands. Tie up and headlock takedown by Nattie which Paige gets out off with a headscissors, this is repeated but the other way round. Nattie grabs a leg but Paige gets out with a hammerlock. Nattie comes back with a suplex then grabs an arm, Paige rolls through and hits a headbutt then roll up for a 2. Nattie gets a backslide and then her kick is caught but she rolls through and grabs a Indian Deathlock with her hands. Paige gets out with a headlock but Nattie returns the favour. Nattie hits a shoulder block then flips over and gets a school girl for a 2. Nattie attempts the sharpshooter but Paige crawls to the ropes and to the outside leading to break. We come back with Paige just throwing clubs at Nattie which gets her a 2 she then grabs a chinlock and yanks Nattie down when they get back up. Paige grabs an abdominal stretch. Nattie reverses into her own and even lifts up Paige's other leg. Paige comes back with a hip toss and hits stomps in the corner. Nattie gets hit with a boot on the apron and Paige gets her knee lifts but Nattie grabs one and hits a dragon screw then boots. The 2 hit each other with a cross body for a double down. Paige gets up at 7 but misses a leg drop allowing Nattie to hit a clothesline, slap and suplex followed by a michinoku driver for a 2. Nattie hits a discuss clothesline after missing a back body drop for a 2. Nattie gets the sharpshooter and drags her away from the rope but she rolls through sending Paige into the corner, a nice counter. Double down with both getting up at 8 but straight into the Paige turner for the win. A really good match here hurt a bit by a quiet crowd honestly but still good. The 2 hug after and celebrate. Winner and still champion: Paige
We get a .com exclusive from Antonio Cesaro about Regal. He says Regal shouldn't stick his nose in his business, Leo Kruger pops in to thank him for what he did to him. He asks to be a Real American. Cesaro says he'll talk to Zeb if Leo does him a favour, they then whisper to each about it and mentioning Sami Zayn meaning that it will be something against him. This makes a little sense except last time these 2 were together Cesaro was beating the hell out of Kruger.
Aiden English vs. ???: We come back to see Jobber A in the ring and before he's announced Aiden interrupts. He actually gets his full entrance this week. Tie up and Aiden keeps getting caught in a arm ringer. Headlock by Aiden who pulls the hair and then boots to the gut followed by a swinging neckbreaker and 3 falling clubs. Suplex by Aiden and the Director's Cut for the win in a quick squash. Bit of rehab for Aiden after the past couple of weeks. Winner: Aiden English
Before Aiden goes to the back Antonio Cesaro comes out, he lets Aiden leave. He apologises to Bryon Saxon saying he lost his cool and wants him on the stage to apologise in person. Bryon does come on stage and the 2 shake hands, Cesaro apologises again saying he lost his temper and does it in 5 languages. Saxon accepts it, Cesaro asks him to do the “we the people” with him which he reluctantly does and Cesaro asks if he's making fun of him leading to him pushing Saxon about and keeps looking for Regal to come out and then slaps Saxon down. Another .com exclusive with Sami Zayn, he says the better man won and it's hard to come so close but be so far leading to Leo attacking him from behind.
Tyson Kidd vs. Leo Kruger: Apparently back in February Leo tried to attack Kidd who was talking about his injury. Kidd hits a back elbow, leg kicks, spinning heel kick, spinning gut kick and low dropkick quickly. Leo kicks him off and nails some punches. Kidd blocks a body drop and hits a suplex, he grabs the leg but Leo gets to the ropes. Kidd hits a neckbreaker for a 2 followed by forearms and chops. Shoulder blocks in the corner leads to Leo hitting a knee lift then chokes with his boot. Leo grabs the leg and hits a stunner on it then a leg kick leading to break. We come back with Leo in control with a dragon screw, double leg and Leo gets the sharpshooter. Sami comes out and gets on the apron distracting Leo allowing Kidd to get a roll up for a 3. Bit of a flat finish here actually bit of a flat match between the 2. Winner: Tyson Kidd
It's announced that Sami will face Leo next week. Another .com exclusive this time with Sin Cara sorry Hunico and Camacho they say they have to take everything they want and they will take the title. They end speaking in Spanish and I still don't care one bit about this or the champs.
Adrian Neville vs. Bo Dallas (c) for NXT Championship: In ring introductions. At this point I'd like to say Alex Riley has been extra annoying tonight, he's trying to be like Regal and play of Renee but it's just not working. Tie up and Adrian grabs a arm ringer, Bo reverses but Adrian gets out after several flips and Bo goes on the apron. Back in and Bo hits a boot to the gut, Adrian floats over and does several flips to the other corner hits a slingshot crossbody and then a dropkick making Bo go to the outside again. Bo hits a forearm while the ref tries to get a clean break, another forearm for a 2 and the 2nd turnbuckle pad flies off somehow. Bo grabs a kravate and hits a knee lift when Neville finally fights back. Bo hits a clothesline in the corner and a bulldog for a 2. Scoop slam and a series of knee drops for a 2. Bo pulls down a knee pad and misses a 2nd rope knee drop. Series of leg kicks and jumping forearms followed by a spinning kick and low dropkick for a 2. Neville hits a twisting tope con heelo to the outside which gets him a 2 coming back in. Neville gets a scoop slam and climbs up to the top but Bo escapes to the outside allowing Neville to hit a crossbody of the top to the outside. Both men are outside and Neville gets in at 9 but Bo fails to do so leading to Neville winning. Kind of a weak finish honestly and the match stopped when it was actually picking up a bit. Winner: Adrian Neville
I'd say this was a better flowing show than last week's but pretty average in ring. A lot of finishes tonight just seemed odd and pretty much out of nowhere. I think they made 2 mistakes in terms of the booking of the show, 1 was putting both Natalya & Tyson Kidd on the same show as we got more sharpshooters then we should have and 2 was putting the title match this week as all we could think about was the Sami match for the week before.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

NXT November 27th Review: Just get to the Main Event Already

I'm pretty hyped for this main event of Sami Zayn vs. Adrian Neville, this should be fantastic to say the least.
We start off with a video highlighting the Beat the Clock Challenge from last week which resulted in the making of this weeks main event.
Yoshi Tatsu vs. Antonio Cesaro: Boy did I forget Yoshi Tatsu existed. Big pop for Cesaro who runs down and then throws the flag in. Thankfully this week we have Regal & Renee on commentary with someone else, those 2 are always great together. Cesaro gets in the ring announcers (Bryan Saxton) face for picking up the flag Cesaro threw in. This leads to Regal running down and pulling the announcer out. Bell rings and Tatsu gets a school boy for a 2, then kicks and chops followed by a Mongolian chop. Cesaro catches a spinning heel kick and powerbombs him. Punches in the corner followed by a spinebuster and the Giant swing for about 30 seconds. This gets a “You are Awesome” chants while Cesaro stares towards Regal. European to the back and he grabs his rear naked choke into the Neutralizer for the win. Through out all of this Cesaro kept looking towards Regal which I believe is going to lead to a match between the 2. Impressive squash match but Cesaro always looks great. Winner: Antonio Cesaro
Backstage with Devon and Bo Dallas. She asks who does he think will win. He says we're all winners tonight as we get to see talented wrestlers collide tonight, it's like the Voice but without Cee Lo Green. He then says that either way they can't beat him leading to the awful CJ Parker walking in all “drugged” up. Bo says “Excuse me Captain fantastic” and CJ responds with “I didn't realise I was harping your mellow” which is responded to with “I didn't realise you were still employed”. He then calls him Pauly Shore and CJ challenges him to a match and Bo just laughs him off and CJ ends with some random garbage. Well CJ you've done one thing right, I hate you more than Bo and Bo looked good here because of you.
CJ Parker vs. Bo Dallas: One thing I love about NXT is that they don't over exposure their champion, this is Bo's first match since he beat Sami Zayn over a month ago. It gets mentioned that Bo's reign is the longest ever now. Tie up leads to CJ throwing Bo into the corner and getting a roll up for a 2, Bo then kicks out the leg while still on his back and then another kick to the face. Back elbow by Bo then 2 more leading to a short arm clothesline for a 2 count then a 1 count. Bo grabs a kravate, gets a 2 count and CJ then rolls him off. CJ hits a clothesline, a punch then his double knees and scissors kicks. CJ then hits a drop out face plant for a 2, CJ then gets caught on the top rope as Bo hits the ropes. Bo then hits a climb up bulldog for the win. Fans didn't care for this one bit and it wasn't a great match. Personally don't like either guy and it seems the fans have the same opinion. Winner: Bo Dallas
Backstage and Devon is with Emma, she asks about her injuries she says it's no big deal and the Emmalution will continue to grow. Paige comes in and says that's good as there will be no excuses for when the face. The 2 go back and forth about their accidental attacks to each other and Emma leaves dancing. They did this a couple of weeks back and it was the same thing here really. After adverts we come back to Paige with Natalya bakcstage asking her why she was so rude to her (did I miss something here?). She says she still cares about the divas since being on Total Divas and she still cares about the titles. Paige says they should have a match tonight with the title on the line and Natayla agrees. This was so random and out of no where.
Tyler Breeze vs. Kassius Ohno: For someone who no longer works for WWE he sure has got a lot of TV time lately. Alexander Rusev attacks Ohno from behind with the Vader splash and then walks off. Officials attend to him and Ohno goes into the ring against their will but the ref rings the bell and Breeze hits the beauty shot and wins in seconds. This really makes me think they didn't plan to fire Ohno as it seemed he was going to work a feud with Rusev after this although I can understand why Ohno was upset with how they were using him. Winner: Tyler Breeze
Backstage and the 3 BFFs are looking at Charlotte's phone and guys. Bayley comes in and Charlotte runs off, she asks where Charlotte is. Summer says Charlotte doesn't want to talk to her as she's moved on and that her friends Paige & Emma can't get along. Bayley demands Charlotte and Summer repeats herself. She challenges them to a tag match and says she has friends for it, leading to a “mystery” partner I imagine. I can't feel for Bayley at all to be honest, she's just too childish. ANOTHER backstage thing! This time Devon is with Sami & Neville, she asks how Adrian feels. They both say they go back a long ways and that tonight is about the NXT championship and points out this is a shot to the main roster. Sami agrees with him basically and claims he wants it more than Neville who brushes that off. Not great here mainly because Neville spoke way more than he should in my view.
Hunico & Camacho vs. The Ascension (Rick Victor & Conor O'Brian): Oh this show is dragging so much and it just got so much WORSE! Rick and Camacho start with the 2 trading punches. Rick chokes in the corner and the 2 mess up an Irish whip, not even lying about that. Camacho then gets a back suplex after boots in the corner and a jumping leg drop. Hunico is tagged, Rick is slammed and then hit with a slingshot senton for a 1. Hunico hits a springboard crossbody but runs into an STO leading to a tag to Conor. Conor with boots and an Irish whip to the corner for a 2, he then runs Hunico into the corner to hit more boots. Rick gets tagged with more boots, another tag and a punch by Conor leading to another tag. H Bomb by the Ascension which Hunico kicks out at 1. Tilt-a-whirl into a small package by Hunico on Rick for the win. Sweet lord we're getting more of this! This was awful and once again the fans didn't care one bit! Winners: Hunico & Camacho
Sami Zayn vs. Adrian Neville: Regal leaves and Bo Dallas replaces him on commentary, big trade down. Hand shake off the top, Neville shots for a leg but misses. Sami grabs an arm ringer and the 2 trade off reversals. Their history on the indies is brought up, they had some classics. The reversals end with Neville getting a 1 after a sweep. Neville grabs an headlock and hits a shoulder block after a push off, a leap frog and a series of arm drags by Sami ending with the around the world version. Sami gets a double leg and an ankle pick until Neville kicks him off, Neville flips over a back body drop then a running headscissors ends with Sami on the outside, Neville goes for a dive but is cut off with Sami running in with a back elbow. Neville goes out and Sami hits a tope con heelio leading to break. We come back with Neville blocking being thrown into the corner and hits chops, resulting in a trade off. Snapmare and a chin lock by Sami. Neville gets up and fights back but runs into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a 2. Sami sets up for the Mafia kick in the corner but misses and flips to the outside allowing Neville to kick Sami off and hit a gorgeous top rope Asai moonsault. Neville hits a springboard dropkick for a near fall which Sami sold by folding himself in half. Sami grabs Neville's foot, Neville misses a kick but blocks the back suplex and hits an Enzuiguri. Neville goes for a cartwheel elbow in the corner but Sami catches him mid jump turning it into a Blue Thunder bomb for a very near fall. Neville floats over a scoop but Sami reverse eating an elbow, Sami then catches Neville with a sick Michinoku driver for another near fall. Sami teases the Mafia again but runs into a boot. Cartwheel by Neville who lands on Sami's shoulders then twists into a Hurricanrana for a near fall. Neville gets on the apron with Sami trying to stop him but Neville hits him with a jumping kick even after that Sami catches him on the top rope. Sami tries a superplex, although many were yelling for the Brain buster which I doubt we'll see ever, Neville blocks and hits a headbutt into the Red Arrow for the win. A fantastic match between these 2 like I knew it would be. So next week we'll be getting Neville vs. Bo for the title, I still think Sami is going to be the man to end the reign though. After the match the 2 hug ending the show. Winner: Adrian Neville
This show dragged something fierce! Until the main event began this was a bit of a chore to get through, don't know what it was maybe a combination of bad backstage stuff that just kept going on or bad uninteresting mix of opponents for matches. Also one backstage segment teased Paige/Natalya for the show even saying “We'll do it tonight” but it didn't happen, maybe it will happen next week. Check out the main event for sure it was great.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

NXT November 20th Review: How Time Flies

Had a week off last week as life just got in the way but have to say I did miss watching NXT so happy to be watching it this week. Saying that means I have no clue what is set for this week's show and I like it like that.
The show I'm watching just starts off with Bo Dallas in the ring wearing a party hat having returned. He says there's no place like home and he says everywhere he went everyone loved him. Out comes JBL, he says the company is so proud of him and Bo is the face of NXT. Out comes Sami Zayn in a Misfist t-shirt and a suit jacket, nice combo. JBL says Zayn should learn respect, Bo adds “I told him that”. Zayn asks to be reinstated and have a chance to take the NXT title from that delusional cheese ball. JBL says he could suspend him forever if he wanted, fans chant Cheese ball which angers JBL. He reinstates Zayn and Bo congratulates him, he says he already beat him. Zayn says he has no problem working from the bottle back up to the top and he promises to win the title. JBL announces a beat the clock challenge to name a new No. 1 contender and Sami is in it.
Colin Cassidy vs. Alexander Rusev w/Lana: Poor Cass he's all alone for a while as Enzo is out with a broken leg for 6 months, let's see what he can do as a singles star. He's not got a good chance against Rusev. Lana does a introduction to “What” and the Rusev looks very different with his hair slicked back. They tie up and go to the corner where Rusev hits a knee and a punch, this is already longer than most of Rusev's matches lately. Jumping headbut for not even a one and Cass comes back with kicks and punches, Rusev reverses a whip and hits the running Vader splash for a 2. Another headbutt and another 2, then 3 falling headbutts for a 2 to “You can't wrestle” chants by a handful. Rusev misses a jumping headbutt and Cass gets a 1 off a punch, then a 2 from another punch. Cass goes for a scoop but Rusev pushes off and Cass hits a high knee like Harley Race for a 2, an elbow drop for another 2. Cass misses a Stinger splash, Rusev throws him in the corner and locks in the Accolade and Cass actually hangs on and gets the ropes, first guy to do that. Shoulder blocks in the corner by Rusev then follows with his knee strikes on the rope for a 2. Rusev keeps attacking the back and no sells elbows, then hits a headbutt to the back of the head and another Accolade for the win at 5:33. Think it was a mistake using Rusev here when you've had him kill everyone so quickly in the past month or so. An OK match between the 2 here could have been so much worse. Winner: Alexander Rusev
Backstage with Devon Taylor (a new girl I'm guessing) who is with Adrian Neville and asks him about his match last week. He says they always take risks when they're in the ring and he's not thinking about Graves but the Beat the Clock. He says he's a thrill a second and a human rollercoaster. Bless that man he tries but he's no talker. Another backstage segment with Bayley all alone after Charlotte turned on her last week, Devon asks how's she's feeling. Bayley doesn't know why Charlotte did what she did and she hasn't spoken to her since then but will next week. Bayley asks if Devon wants to do the robot with her and she walks off, rather goofy but that's Bayley.
Tyler Breeze vs. Kassius Ohno: Something tells me Ohno won't be winning here. Ohno walks into a punch by Tyler who attacks after and keeps trying to get a pin but is only getting 1's. Boots in the corner. Bryan Saxton asks William Regal want he'd do in this situation and Alex Riley adds “Why do you keep asking Regal about in ring stuff” because he's one of the all time greats and you are a nobody, Regal pretty much says the save in response. Ohno gets a series of rolls ups and backslide for 2's, a big chop by Ohno. Ohno goes for a big boot on the apron, Tyler grabs it and hits a jumping kick sending Ohno to the outside. Tyler struggles to get Ohno on his feet and they just get in at 8. Tyler hits a suplex for a 2, Ohno keeps pushing Tyler away until Tyler hits a dropkick. Tyler misses the beauty shot and follows with a series of roll ups. Ohno catches a boot and whips it back planting Tyler face first in a nice looking spot. Ohno misses the Ohno Blade, Tyler gets a rolls up for a 2 but Ohno rolls through with a roll up for another 2. Ohno gets another roll up for the win with 45 seconds remaing. Well I was wrong , time to beat 4:48. Good match here liked how pretty much all of Ohno's offence was roll ups telling the story of he wanted the win quickly which would become a running theme in everyone match after.
Aiden English vs. Adrian Neville: We literally come back with Aiden in the ring, killing his gimmick in my view. Tie up and Neville gets a school boy for a 1 then a chop. Aiden gets a snapmare for a 1 then an elbow for another 1. Neville floats over a slam and does a leg sweep for a 1, he back flips a leg sweeps attempt and hits a dropkick for a 1. Aiden fights back and hits a suplex for a 1. Aiden drops 3 clubs for a 2 then boots in the corner. Scoop slam by Aiden and jumping leg drop for a 2. Aiden hits a headlock takedown and punches for another 2. Neville gets a back suplex and a jaw breaker, followed by leg kicks and a series of running forearms. A low dropkick for a 2, scoop slam and he climbs up but Aiden rolls out hits a back elbow and a swinging neck breaker for a 2. Aiden sets Neville on the top but he fights back and hits the Red Arrow with 3 seconds remaining for the win, time to beat 4:45. A really good finish that was pushing it a bit in terms of time. Again another good match that was worked very well and to be honest I wouldn't be surprised if they did something in Zayn's match to stop him winning and they go with Neville for a week. Winner: Adrian Neville
We cut backstage with the Ascension talking about Hunico & Camacho (oh that's a winning program if I ever heard of it). They accept the challenge and continue talking, basically saying they will beat them. Just meaningless garbage, man I hate this team so much.
Leo Kruger vs. Sami Zayn: Out comes Bo Dallas before things start and he's in his gear but is sitting on a chair on the ramp, angle alert. Leo hits a knee and a club but Sami gets a crossbody for a 1. Sami reverses a hip toss with a backslide for a 1, then floats over and a school boy for a 1 but Leo hits a punch getting up and a scoop slam for a 2. Leo nails a snap suplex for a 2, then a back suplex for a 2. Sami gets sent to the corner but gets a elbow up, Sami does his jump up crossbody for a 2. Leo keeps going for pinfall after pinfall. Sami fights back with clotheslines then hits lift up dropkick for a 2. Sami misses the Mafia kick and Leo gets a 2 out of it, Sami floats over a back suplex but runs into a spinebuster for a near fall. Leo hits the Slice for a 2, keeps going for pins but Sami gets a cruicifix for the win as the clock hits 0 as the 3 is counted. JBL comes out and says he'd love to blame the ref but can't and says next week Zayn will face Neville and the winner of that will face Bo. A rather unique ending that I liked and we should get a fantastic match next week between the 2. Winner: Sami Zayn
Overall a good show, I personally don't know if I would have gone with a beat the clock challenge in such a short show but it's a easy way to get people invested in a match and they all worked the matches well. I'm really looking forward to Neville/Zayn but I have a small feeling that Graves & Dallas could get involved during it.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

NXT 6th November Review: Night of the Endless Squash

Time to watch the easiest 45 minutes of TV every week, good or bad it's always easy to watch. We're getting Sylvester LeForte facing Alexander Rusev and a rematch between Luke Harper and Kassius Ohno on tonight's show.
Show starts with a exclusive (they do a lot of these now) with LeForte confronting the blonde women he says he doesn't know who she is and what's up with Rusev and he never had a problem with him. She speaks Russian and sends him away and that's that, so we get yet another accent on this show!
Sylvester LeForte vs. Alexander Rusev w/Lana: Renee Young is now on commentary regularly it seems as this week Alex Riley is on the booth. Lana comes out and does the introduction in Russian unsurprisingly she gets “What” from the crowd but in this case that is probably a legit question. LeForte has money in his hand and offers it to Rusev while staring at the group, Rusev meanwhile is doing this weird breathing really overselling just standing there. Bell rings and he whips LeForte hits the Vader running splash and the Accolade for a rather quick submission. No point to this match other than to push Rusev as a killer. Rusev didn't even take off his skirt! Winner: Alexander Rusev
Backstage Bayley and Charlotte are talking about fixing Bayley's headband and Bayley Wooo's getting a “I'm not my Dad” from Charlotte, you're damn right your not and we thank you for that. In come the BFF's and apologize for breaking the headband and give her a new one, Charlotte brushes off Rae. Charlotte says her issue is that they run around like they run NXT. Rae talks about how she's on the main roster now and they try to get Bayley to join them and Bayley stops Charlotte from attacking. Not a good segment but I guess this is the new feud for the BFF's.
El Local vs. Leo Kruger: This is Leo's return and I haven't missed him one bit, for those who missed it Leo was hurt (in angle) in his great match with Antonio Cesaro four weeks back. Leo misses a clothesline and Local gets some kicks but Leo pushes him off and hits his beautiful spinbuster for a 2. A series of whips and kitchen sinks by Leo he then whips Local to the corner but eats a boot, Local goes to the 2nd and Leo pulls the leg out with Local lands on the turnbuckle. Leo throws Local into the corner, hits the Slice lariat then a snap suplex and another. Leo keeps pointing and wagging his finger at Local for some reason. A 3rd suplex floated through to a front Guillotine for the tap out win. Leo has taken up pointing a lot and wagging his finger, that's his new gimmick. Nothing special here. Winner: Leo Kruger
We get another exlcusive after a video highlighting the recent Paige and Emma accidental hits on each other. There's yelling, Paige says her's was an accident and Emma's was on purpose. Emma says it's not her fault that in the heat of the moment she hit her. Paige yells that she's not in the mood and she'll rip that face off and Emma just says “something wrong with that girl”.
Travis Tyler & Troy McClain vs The Ascension (Conor O'Brian & Rick Victor): Jobbers already getting “let's go these guys” chants and don't blame them. I don't want to watch this match one bit. Rick throws down Tyler and kicks him then tags, series of shoulder blocks in the corner then Conor does 5 headlock takedowns in a row without letting go. Tag to Rick who hits an STO then tag out, flapjack by Conor and another tag. Straight jacket double team and the Fall of Man for the win. Best part about this match was that they forgot who was legal after the Fall of Man so both left the ring and both came in at the same time which made me laugh. 3rd match in a row that was meaningless to me. Winners: The Ascension
Mojo Rawley vs. Tide Dillinger: I said this show was easy to watch and their pushing me tonight! Tie up and you can't help but notice that Mojo is sucking in air badly from the start. Tide hits a chop but Mojo comes out with a shoulder block he attempts a bodyslam but Tide floats over and hits a Russian Leg Sweep then chokes him on the ropes. Tide grabs a rear chinlock with a knee to the back but Mojo quickly gets up but Tide brings him down for crossfaces. I know they want to get his catchphrase of “I don't get hyped, I stay hyped” over but don't make Alex Riley say it! Mojo gets a bodyslam, he then gets down on all 4's rolls over a couple of times to block Tide from running then picks up Tide and runs him into the corner. Irish whip and 2 Stinger splashes followed by the Butt-Butt and the jumping Earthquake splash for the win. I fear they will push this guy and I don't think they should. Once again this match was pointless in my view. Winner: Mojo Rawley
We get a Raw Rebound about the Big Show angle and setting up the main event for Survivor Series a match I don't really want to see with Orton. It's then shown that next week Bayley & Charlotte will face the BFF's and Adrian Neville will face Corey Graves in 2 out of 3 falls match.
Luke Harper vs. Kassius Ohno: This match is getting some time it seems. Jumping kick by Ohno to start, the 2 then trade shots until Ohno gets the advantage. A couple of knee lifts by Ohno and some boots then chops. Ohno runs into a back body drop and Luke gets control he grabs a kick and hits a nice forearm. A bodyslam by Luke then a whip to the corner, low impact kicks to a downed Ohno. Ohno pops up with chops but eats an uppercut then a headbutt by Luke. Luke grabs a kravate and brings Ohno down, he fights up but gets brought back down. Luke hits some shoulder blocks in the corner and a nice sounding uppercut. Luke whips off Ohno who grabs the ropes and hits his amazing rebound elbow sending Luke to the outside, Ohno follows with a baseball slide leading to a break. We come back to Ohno hitting a Senton to Luke for a 1. Luke reverses a whip and Ohno floats over to the apron but Luke runs in and nails a big boot sending Ohno to the floor. Ohno just gets in the ring by 9 and Luke drops 3 elbows when he gets in. Luke hits a loud chop in the corner and just stands over Ohno after. Whip to the corner and misses a splash leading to Ohno getting a school boy for a 2 but Luke hits an uppercut when he gets back up. Luke then grabs a front facelock and does a pair of Gator rolls. Ohno fights back with knees but Luke fights back and hits a slingshot on the rope. Luke runs off the ropes but Ohno hits the other rope and a kick to the face, he starts fighting back with punches. Luke pushes him off and Ohno hits a side bulldog followed by a low dropkick to the side of the head, a jumping forearm in the corner followed by the blockbuster for a 2. Ohno goes for a neckbreaker, he gets pushed off and Luke runs into a boot but quickly recovers with the blackhole slam for a 2. Luke hits another big boot for a near fall. Luke hits a splash in the corner but Ohno pops up and hits the Ohno Blade aka a Rolling Elbow for a near fall. Ohno hits a series of boots to the face runs off the ropes into the discuss clothesline for the win. Again an odd choice of winner unless they really want to get into this feud more which I'm guessing is the case. This match was really good and the only thing worth watching on this show. Maybe next time Ohno won't be in WWE's bad books any more and he'll finally win but saying that he still looked great in a lose. Winner: Luke Harper
The main event is worth a look but nothing else on this show was, just a series of meaningless squash matches with guys you don't care about nor will you after. To save you some time Rusev is big, Leo wags his finger, Ascension yell in dark lighting and Mojo runs a lot. Watch the main event and enjoy.

Friday, 1 November 2013

NXT October 30th Review: The Promo Edition

Before I even started watching this show I groaned a little realising what was set up for it. While I think Paige vs. Summer Rae should be good I'm not looking forward to yet another Tyler Breeze vs. CJ Parker match, think that feud has been horrible from the beginning if I'm honest.
Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy vs. Alexander Rusev & Sylvester LeForte: Starting off straight away with Enzo & Colin, they come out talking about Sylvester LeFort and how he uses everyone to fight his battle for him, fans are always into this entrance. For those who don't know Scott Dawson was out with a knee injury during these tapings and that's why LeForte is in the ring. I'll be honest LeForte is jacked. Rusev & Colin to start, Rusev drives him into the corner and hits knees then a headbutt. Running Vader splash and Rusev brings in Enzo and hits the same splash then Rusev hits it on LeForte. Rusev locks in the Accolade on Colin who taps out in seconds. They really want to push Rusev. The blonde woman from last week is on the ramp and she leaves with Rusev. This was basically done to make Rusev a monster but you hurt a really hot tag team in the process however honestly that will be forgotten by fans next week. Winners: Alexander Rusev & Sylvester LeForte
A vignette for the Real American's plays a nice little video. Then a Raw Rebound is shown highlighting the Hell in a Cell main event and Randy's celebration that was interrupted by Big Show. The biggest downfall of this angle is that it will leads to Big Show vs. Randy Orton which I don't think will be good, also all the heat is on Triple H Randy is just there.
Aiden English vs. Jason ???: Regal reveals he has a man crush on Aiden. Jason (who's last name is said by Brian Saxon & Renee Young but I can't make it out) gets a rear waist lock and does 2 beautiful take downs but then eats an elbow and Aiden hits a snap neckbreaker which looked great. Aiden grabs a sleeper and sings “Lullaby” while he does it. It's now revealed that it's Jason Jordan at the time he hits a dropkick but Aiden hits the Directors Cut for the win. A competitive squash match with Jason Jordan looking pretty solid and Aiden just looked better from it. Aiden sings an encore and the fans eat it up. Roses even get thrown into the ring and the fans chant “Yes”. Winner: Aiden English
The commentary team talk about last weeks main event and Graves attacking Neville after, a exclusive with Neville has him congratulating Graves for the attack and he says it's only just begun between them. As good as Neville is in the ring, he's a bit blah on the mic. A vignette for Daniel Bryan plays and then a video highlighting the recent tour of Abu Dabai, this dragged a little.
Summer Rae w/Sasha Banks vs. Paige: Paige jumps from the start and does a hairmare twice leading to Rae running off. Paige comes out and Banks is used as a shield, Rae hits a cheap shot that Paige brushes off and comes in with a sunset flip, Rae sits down for a 2 but Paige gets the roll up for another 2 followed by a headbutt. Paige throws Rae chest first into the ropes and hits another headbutt then boots in the corner. Banks tries to trip up Paige and this leads to her being kicked out and a break. An promo for the Bellas plays, jeez nothing can make them look good. We come back with Paige still in control, she goes for her knee lifts on the apron but Rae breaks away and sweeps her with Paige landing on the apron. Rae locks in a modified Indian Death lock and then hits a dropkick when they get up. Rae yells and goes for the pin. Rae goes for her climb up DDT but Paige turns it into a Fisherman suplex for a 2. Paige hits a series of short arm clotheslines and a one legged dropkick for a 2. Rae pushes off and hits a spinning kick for a 2. Paige gets a mid kick and the Paige Turner for the win kind of out of no where. Banks attacks from behind but Emma makes the save but she then hits Paige as she tries to join in. The 2 face off and then Paige leaves. A good match here between the 2 but I'm more looking forward to Paige/Emma 2 when they finally do it. Winner: Paige
A quick promo from Breeze about Parker, he says he's going to send him back to the streets where he belongs and it's time to shot the breeze, a nice tag line there. A promo for Curtis Axel plays, bad timing since he's out hurt. Then a promo for Big E Langston plays and then one for Luke Harper talking about Kassius Ohno you can see why Bray does the talking in that group, anyways next week is Ohno vs. Harper and LeForte vs. Rusev
Tyler Breeze vs. CJ Parker: Tyler come out with the dreadlocks he cut off last week. CJ runs in and shakes his knees like Jimmy Valiant or Colt Cabana. Tyler runs from the bell and is chased, CJ grabs him and tries to throw him into the corner, Tyler puts his leg up and CJ chops it down hits a gut shot and then throws him into the corner. CJ hits a delayed vertical suplex for a 2, fans are into Breeze. CJ hits a cross body and punches to the face followed by a headbutt. CJ gets an airplane spin and goes for the “Third Eye” aka a uppercut to the face but Tyler escapes the ring. We got to break with a promo for the Survivor Series with Bray Wyatts, a nice video. We come back with CJ hitting a back suplex and goes for the double knees in the corner, Tyler falls down and CJ lands on the 2nd rope allowing Tyler to hit a low powerbomb. Tyler literally stands on CJ's face and then again. Tyler checks his phone and puts boots in for a 2. Tyler grabs a head twist but CJ runs him back into the corner and then eats a kick to the face cutting him off. Tyler goes to the top rope but CJ throws him off, the Ric Flair way. CJ does a double leg take down and punches followed by a series of clotheslines and a scissors kick for a 2. Tyler gets a jaw breaker and goes for a piledriver, he then misses the beauty shot and CJ hits the 3rd Eye for the win. Oh please let this be the end of this feud! I'll be honest this was probably the best out of their trio of matches but it still wasn't great. CJ grabs the scissors and goes to cut Tyler's hair but Tyler gets out and runs off. Seeing the scissors come out makes me think they'll be doing a hair vs. hair match but I just want this whole thing to be done with. Winner: CJ Parker
Man there were a lot of promo videos in this episode! As for the actual NXT stuff I'd have to say it was pretty good, the matches had a point none of them dragged and it was all pretty good. Having said that I wouldn't go out of my way to see this show, yes it wasn't bad but nothing was a stand out and it had just too many promos that killed the flow of the show for me.